Now you can get Afordable Partial Repair Service available at your finger tips. Our service is like having a partial denture office right in your backyard.
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Fast Repairs, Your Alternative to Denture Glue and Denture Cement!
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Denture Repair Service
Denture Repair ServicesFREE Dentures Dentist Inspection - $95 Value
Quality means your denture should not break. We want your smile to last a long time, and our effort towards quality is the best in the business. If it should every break, we'll provide all the labor and materials necessary to remedy your problem. Period.
Denture Repair ServicesFREE "Denture Examination" - Priceless
Our goal is to make sure we can give you a fantastic dentures repair. With this said, in the event if we find additional problems with your denture, we will contact you before any work is done. We are here to help you, not take advantage of your situation. Period.
Denture Repairs
You will recieve a report based on our findings on the condition of your denture. After we thoroughly examine your denture, we prepare a evaluation report. This evaluation exam is included with all our dentures repair.
Denture RepairsFREE "Expert Customer Service" - Priceless
When it comes to wearing dentures, we know it is stressful enough finding a affordable denture repair business. As always, we give straight forward answers to help you understand the needs on your denture repair.
Other Denture Teeth Repair Information
Teeth come in different shapes, sizes, shades :
Those of who have already purchased a denture repair kit may have found that the tooth included in the repair kit does not match their denture. There are practically hundreds of different teeth in the market today consisting of different shapes, sizes, and shades.
What kind of teeth are in denture repair kits ?
A handful of teeth that are selected from just hand picking the most common that would break. It is almost impossible to say the teeth the denture repair kits come with are common.
What is the correct size ?
The correct size of tooth depends on your bite. If the tooth is too large, problem occur when you are eating. It will feel like there is a pebble in your mouth, where the rest of your teeth cannot chew the food.

A small tooth from a denture repair kit will just do the opposite, the rest of your teeth will grind the food, while the tooth that was replaced will fill with food particles and not work like the rest of your teeth in grinding food.
Why should I worry about the shade ?
Over time, your denture teeth turn darker because they are exposed to many elements that include coffee, tea, drinks, and different foods. There is no way to give you a direct answer on the correct shade of tooth you should use when using a denture repair kit. That is why we mean it when we say we carry hundreds of teeth that are in stock. We can match the shade that will blend in with the rest of your denture teeth.
What about the shape of the tooth?
The shape of the tooth depends on where it is located. Denture Repair Kits just do not come with all the teeth, as that would be impractical. Each set of teeth, whether you're front teeth used for chopping, your wisdom teeth used for tearing, or your molars used for grinding function as a food processing system. You just can't put a front tooth into the back of your mouth because it will not fit properly, and not work at all.
What about the denture repair kit glue ?
First, there is not denture glue that comes out of a tube like toothpaste to repair your denture. All denture materials come in a powder and a liquid of some sort to react with the powder.
I have used glue from the hardware store :
You really should have frequented your local dentist before using hardware glue that you can repair a ceramic dish with. Most glue is not made for your mouth, mainly because when they dry, overtime, the denture glue becomes brittle and eventually flakes off and into your stomach. As the glue flakes off, it also begins to loose its bonding power, and you will eventually end up with a broken denture with excess glue all over it.
Why are denture repair kits available ?
Denture Repair Kits are available because they are solely for emergency use only. The are not supposed to be used for a permanent repair. Every repair kit comes with some sort of labeling that urges you to seek a dentist as soon as possible.
Why is the denture repair kit glue smell so strong ?
We have heard our customers complain the gasses produced by the mixture are very strong. The denture repair kit glue should be mixed in an area where there is plenty of ventilation. Think of it if you were to mix baking soda and vinegar. It bubbles and produces a gas. Even though the mixture from the denture repair kit does not bubble, the gas emitting from the mixture is still poisonous. Please use a ventilated area when temporarily repairing your denture with a denture repair kit.
Why are you repair prices so high :
Occasionally, our customers ask us this question. Our prices are not high, but if you compared our prices to when you first bought your dentures, sure they will be higher than they were ten years ago. You can blame the high prices on inflation, of which you or we have no control over. Remember when you could get gas for 75 cents, now look at the prices, about three dollars a gallon.
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Denture Repair Service
Denture Repair Service
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