Partial Denture Repair

Partial Denture Repair

Partial denture repairs uses the same methods of repair as for full dentures, and the cost is the same. When a denture is repaired, all foreign substances must be removed before a repair can take place. Some places may charge extra should a denture have glue on it from a previuos home denture repair. The customer may have used super glue to fix a tooth or a crack, and who finally realized glues do not work with dental appliances.

Partial Denture Repairs
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There are several kinds of partial repairs

  • Flipper Partial Repair
  • Metal Wire Hooks
  • Flexible Partial Dentures

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Avoid Glues on the denture

Dentures are made from an denture acrylic, of which is very similar to plastic, but stronger or more durable. Glues bond together in different ways, a cold method where the glue dries overtime solidifying the broken area. Others bond when a chemical reaction takes place where it may soften or melt the acrylic. When the denture melts, it may become warped and useless. A warped denture cannot be repaired, and must be thrown away.


I have used glue from the hardware store

You really should have frequented your local dentist before using hardware glue that you can repair a ceramic dish with. Most glue is not made for your mouth, mainly because when they dry, overtime, the denture glue becomes brittle and eventually flakes off and into your stomach. As the glue flakes off, it also begins to loose its bonding power, and you will eventually end up with a broken denture with excess glue all over it.


Kinds of Teeth in Partial Dentures

Before getting denture repairs, always tell the business who repairs dentures to replace the tooth of the same materials. That is some dentures teeth is made from porcelain, where other denture teeth an acrylic material.

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